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Soldier of Rome: Nova Era

A new age has dawned for Rome. Following the brief reign of Emperor Nerva, Marcus Ulpius Trajan inherits the mantle of Caesar.
A revered general and statesman, the senate a people of Rome greet his rise with an optimism not seen since the reign of Vespasian.

Tiberius Artorius Castus, whose tenure with the Vigiles of Rome is ending, is summoned by Trajan to the Rhine.
The emperor offers him a return to active service with the newly raised Equites Singulares Augusti, more commonly known as the Imperial Horse Guards.

Rome eagerly awaits the arrival of its new, charismatic Caesar, yet Trajan must first secure the Rhine and Danube frontiers.
He musters a division for an expedition against the Marcomanni in retribution for their invasion in support of the Pannonia Revolt, six years prior.
For Tiberius, the campaign offers a chance at redemption, as the Imperial Horse Guards accompany Trajan across the Danube, into the land of his endless nightmares.

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Upcoming Release - 15 August 2023!

Soldier of Rome: Beyond the Frontier

For twelve years a disgraceful pall has hung over the Roman Empire.
Trouble along the Germanic frontier forced an abrupt end to Emperor Domitian’s war against King Decebalus of Dacia.
The terms were an embarrassment to Rome and a drain on the imperial coffers, with two million denarii paid to the Dacians every year.
Now, a new Caesar is firmly ensconced upon the imperial throne.
Emperor Trajan vows to subjugate the Dacians, humble their king, and restore honour to the Empire.
A massive force numbering over 100,000 soldiers, one-third of the entire might of Rome, gathers along the Danube.
It is the largest Roman army assembled in over a hundred years.

Tiberius Artorius Castus has matured into his position as Deputy Prefect of the Imperial Horse Guards over the past three years.
Still a young man, he is a world away from the naïve youth who first came to the capital nine years before.
The Pannonian Revolt and loss of his legion hardened his soul.
His tenure with the Vigiles of Rome improved his cunning.
Any delusions of winning personal glory on the battlefield died long ago with his innocence.
His duty as an imperial bodyguard is an immense honour, wrought with danger.
He knows Trajan is a
fighting Caesar, never one to shy away from battle.
With war against Dacia inevitable, it is only a matter of time before Tiberius must once more draw his ancestral blade in defence of both Emperor and Empire.