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Reading List

It's been requested I compile a reading list of all my works. And since some get written out of sequence, or a stand-alone gets wedged in the middle, or I had to insert one series between volumes of another (i.e. The Great Jewish Revolt and Year of the Four Emperors), below are listed all my works chronologically. Think of it as reading one giant history. Links are included for each book's Amazon page, though you can find them in multiple formats, including audio.

*Note: I will update this page with every new release.


Soldier of Rome: The Legionary


Soldier of Rome: The Sacrovir Revolt

Soldier of Rome: Heir to Rebellion

Soldier of Rome: The Centurion

Empire Betrayed: The Fall of Sejanus

Soldier of Rome: Journey to Judea

Soldier of Rome: The Last Campaign

Empress of Death

Slaves of Fear: A Land Unconquered

Soldier of Rome: Rebellion in Judea

Soldier of Rome: Vespasian's Fury

Soldier of Rome: Reign of the Tyrants

Soldier of Rome: Rise of the Flavians

Soldier of Rome: The Fall of Jerusalem

Die by the Blade

Isle of Mist: A Tale of Ireland and Rome

Soldier of Rome: Empire of the North

Soldier of Rome: Crisis on the Danube

Soldier of Rome: March to Oblivion

Soldier of Rome: The Last Flavian

Soldier of Rome: Nova Era

Soldier of Rome: Beyond the Frontier

(coming 15 August 2023)

Forlorn Hope: The Storming of Badajoz

I Stood with Wellington

Courage, Marshal Ney

Brutal Valour: The Tragedy of Isandlwana

Crucible of Honour: The Battle of Rorke's Drift

Lost Souls: The Forgotten Heroes of Eshowe

Cruelty of Fate: The Fight for Khambula

Tears of the Dead: Requiem of the Zulu Kingdom